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Life with green: a new terraced building for Paris

The architectural agency of Manuelle Gautrand in Paris plans an unusual form of urban green in the 13th arondissement. A number of green terraces should improve quality of life in a new residential complex and offer the residents open spaces.

With the project name “L´Edison Lite”, Manuelle Gautrand Architects emphasises the importance of daylight for its planning. A clear design of the apartments in the new apartment block corresponds with the open design of many terraces. The apartments should have flexible ground plans, while special rooms like a community kitchen and a basement shop will be open to all residents.

Also special is the planned modular design of “L´Edison Lite”. It serves, among other things, the staggering of the storeys, which have generous open areas as a result. A closing roof terrace with garden will be available to the future residents not only for relaxation, but also for self-sufficiency: individual parcels can also be used for the cultivation of fruit and vegetables. Terraces also frame the building on every floor. The vegetation planted on these is part of the building design and ensures a living facade.

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