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Libero – Portable Foosball Table by flix

The Libero is a solid foosball table with all of the characteristics of a professional tournament table. The designers from the German company flix wanted to develop a “Kickertisch” (German for foosball table) that is suitable for the demands of sportive competitions as well as being fun on parties and lightweight and transportable. The Libero is a high quality piece and made by hand.

Libero is Latin for “the free one”. Like everything from flix it is “flixible”. It only takes three minutes to convert the Libero into a box on wheels that is small enough to fit into the boot of a car to take to the next party – inside or in the garden. The folded up Libero fits into tiny spaces without being in the way.

The Libero is the official tournament table of the German Bundesliga-Club “Roter Stern Bremen” and the table of the second best player in the world.

The Libero is available in three different varieties:

The “Libero” is a premium product made of solid hardwood multiplex and with an elegant and classical appearance. The “Libero Sport” has a smaller goal box made of brushed stainless steel and focuses on functionality. It is made for fun and for sports. The “Libero Home” doesn’t include folding doors for taking out the players, goal box and legs still are foldable. It is less mobile but has a beautiful, minimalist appearance.

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