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Lechuza: Stylish Planters Made in Germany

Lechuza planters for indoors and outdoors have been satisfying customers and business partners for almost over 15 years now. The products that impress with functional design, light weight and smart accessories are made in Germany by the geobra Brandstätter GmbH & Co. KG, also known for the popular Playmobil toy line. The planters use a sub-irrigation system that can feed the plants with saved water and nutrients for up to twelve weeks.

The new column planter in Lechuza’s Cubico line is the Cubico Alto that could be seen at the spoga+gafa 2013. With its 105 cm it is quite tall but its narrow base takes up very little space, bringing greenery to areas where space is limited. It is also exceptionally sturdy – something that is crucial for use in public buildings.

The Cottage series has a natural wicker look that goes well with modern outdoor furniture and comes in a variety in shapes, sizes and colours. The Trio Cottage is a plant trough that comes in two sizes and has three separate water containers that allow the plants to have water supply for weeks.

The Cascada Color is a planter that can be a kitchen garden, a pot for herbs or a flower tower. Its modular built-up makes it possible to use the pots individually or to assemble them to a presentable tower that can fit up to 13 plants.

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