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Lechuza: New Planters for 2017

Among Lechuza‘s novelties for the coming year are plant pots in natural stone look and a planter for herbs.

Canto Color: Corners and edges in natural stone look

Lechuza’s new planter line, the Canto Color, is made of light weight, high-quality plastic and is fitted with its own soil watering system. Surplus rainwater can run off over a removable drain plug. The planters have  a strong framework and a raw natural stone look, which contrasts with the green and lush flowerage – outdoors and indoors. It will be available in the colours sand-beige, graphite black and stone grey. The Lechuza sub-irrigation system with three-liter (0.8 gal) water reservoir ensures that plants can flourish effortlessly. Lechuza Canto Color will be available as an all-in-one set with planter, planter liner, water level indicator and plant Lechuza-Pon substrate in stores from March 2017.

Cube Color herb dice: Ideal for Italian herbs

Following the Cube Color 14, the decorative herb dice in soft fabric look is also available one size larger from January 2017. In the Cube Color 16, pots with a diameter of 13 to 15 cm have space without the need to repot. This is ideal for all sorts of kitchen herbs. The Lechuza wick watering system reliably provides the herbs in the pot with moisture. To do this, the wick stick is simply inserted from below into the herb pot, which is then placed in the Cube Color 16 and watered. The plants are reliably and individually provided with moisture from the 0.7-liter capacity water reservoir.

Cubes 30 and 50: Premium design, paintwork and function

Cube 30 and Cube 50 are the new representatives of the Cube family, which will be supplementing the Lechuza Premium Collection as of spring 2017. Alongside the Cube 40, three variants are available for selection: The Cube 30 is made for smaller plants and decorating tables or sideboards. The Cube 50, offers enough space for larger root balls. Lechuza Cube Color 16 will be available as an all-in-one set with planter, liner, water level indicator and wick stick from January 2017.

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