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KalaMitica: Magnetised Plant Pots by Sgaravatti Trends

Sgaravatti Trend is proud of its Italian heritage; therefore it creates, industrialises and distributes only products that are 100% made in Italy. Their concept is to find innovative and trendy ways to decorate with plants inside the house as well as in the garden and on the balcony.

Sgaravatti’s KalaMitica line consists of a series of differently shaped pots that are magnetised, opening up many new ways of decorating. The magnet is perfectly fitted into the resin pots so that they can be hanged on metallic surfaces and be easily removed for the maintenance of the plants. The KalaMitica can also hold other things besides plants and flowers: Kitchen utensils, pens or toys can be stored in the colourful containers.

If you don’t have enough metallic plates in your home to stick plants onto, Sgaravatti provides handy supporting plates that come in different styles and colours and optionally with a wooden base. They can be used as chalkboards as well.

The KalaMitica pots are available in many shapes, measures and colours and offer the possibility to compose and recompose the arrangements at will and to create always new compositions following the mood of the moment.

It is also possible to put the KalaMitica plants into the right light: Led4KalaMitica is a stylish and adjustable lighting source creating an additional touch of light and atmosphere.

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