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Indoor Gardening with HOMEbox: Harvest Homegrown Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs

The HOMEbox grow room tents are a solution for urban indoor gardeners.

Indoor gardening is a part of urban gardening, a trend which by now has many enthusiastic followers worldwide. Many people who do not own a garden or a balcony, do not want to miss fresh vegetables and homegrown herbs. One solution could be the HOMEbox® growing systems.

These tents “Design in Germany” are available in many different sizes and shapes to  fit into all kinds of  households. Their frames are made from robust metal and hold up to 30 kg. Flexible hooks and connectors with precision plastic corners distinguish them from other grow tents on the market. HOMEbox grow tents are easily portable, and can be assembled without any tools.

All models feature polyethylene-lined canvas shells and are waterproof.  MicroMesh bug screens on all ventilation windows offer protection from pests. The most interesting feature of HOMEbox portable growing tents, however, is the PAR+ lining, which was developed exclusively  for  HOMEbox.  PAR+ reflects more  PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation), plant-usable energy, than other materials. At the same time, PAR+ minimizes excessive heat which could damage the plants. According to the manufacturers this material allows plants to grow under the best possible circumstances.

The latest models of the HOMEbox are the Ambient and Vista Line. They are held in subtle earth coloured shades which bring a more tone to the indoor gardeners Home and fit in naturally. Especially the Drynet produced by HOMEbox is a useful gadget now in autumn time to cure and dry your harvest!

In a HOMEbox you can grow pretty much everything under controlled conditions such as plants, mushrooms, microgreens, strawberries, lettuce, etc. You can also use it as an insect habitat or store your plants in wintertime.

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