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Indoor Gardening: Greenery inside one’s own four walls

„Greenhouse Mini“ – greenhouse for the kitchen © Design House Stockholm

Those, who don’t want to have to do without gardening even in the winter, can find numerous products for growing plants inside their own four walls today. Every apartment can be turned into a decorative or herb garden with the aid of a mini greenhouse or an illuminated plant shelf. A trend that is in the meantime also expanding to encompass larger cultivated areas.

Accessories for watering plants © Scheurich

People, who live in the city, can also grow herbs and vegetables for themselves in the winter or grow flowers. When it is too cold on the balcony or in the garden, plants can also be grown inside the heated apartment using the right equipment. Whereby during the cold winter months the right care and the necessary supply of light and water are particularly important.

Herb pot with watering system © Emsa

For example, herb pots with an integrated water reservoir are extremely practical to ensure sufficient irrigation. The seeds and the right soil are even delivered together with some products. Small greenhouses, which are available in many different designs today, also offer room for miniature gardens. They work just like their big role models, by generating heat and regulating the supply of air and moisture. If there is little room on the window sill, wall boxes or plant shelves are also suitable for growing herbs and flowers. With the aid of LED lighting these become decorative raised-bed gardens even for the less bright corners of the apartment.

Hängegärten – hanging garden system © URBANNATURE

The increase in the amount of solutions for larger indoor cultivation areas also fits in with the indoor gardening trend. Projects such as inviting plant items or indoor farms for crop plants show that it is possible to grow plants without sunlight. This makes it possible to grow herbs, salad and other greenery on a larger scale in the middle of the city. Artificial lighting and irrigation systems make the plants grow. Whether for self-sufficiency in the office or for private use – as a connection between the city and rural life such projects stand for a new love of gardening also in closed rooms.

“The Growroom“ urban farming object by Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrik Husum © Sine Lindholm & Mads-Ulrik Husum


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