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Inchbald School of Design unveils new online short courses

Proving that good things can come in small packages, the prestigious Inchbald School of Design, which has been educating leading figures in the world of design since 1960, has unveiled two new online short courses: Designing your Living Space and Designing your Garden.

Building on the success of their Online MA courses in Architectural Interior Design and Garden Design, these short courses offer part-time, amateur students unprecedented access to Inchbald’s expert teaching via interactive online learning. These certificated e-courses are an extension to the School’s existing portfolio of qualifications, which include MAs, post- and undergraduate diplomas, and certificate courses in Architectural Interior Design, Interior Decoration and Garden Design, as well as short courses in computer-aided design. Particular attention is paid to the marriage between function and aesthetic design with an emphasis placed on the ergonomics and proportions of space as well as the creative use of colour, form and other features both inside and outdoors.

The course requires a time commitment of approximately four hours each week during which times they will receive lively teaching sessions, all of which are lavishly illustrated and include a series of practical projects to develop knowledge and confidence. Commenting on the launch of the new Online Short Courses, Jacqueline Duncan, Principal of the Inchbald School of Design, said: “The Online Short Courses offer a comprehensive introduction, not only to the principles of design, but to the skills for which English houses and gardens have become famous. At Inchbald we are committed to preserving and developing our students’ personal design flair and to informing their knowledge of those decorative details that presently risk dilution through mass manufacture. Thus the time has come to re-appraise our perspectives on design fashion and to review the expertise and attention to detail on which all great designs depend and for which England in particular is renowned.”

The two courses are available exclusively at the Inchbald School of Design. Each course lasts 12 weeks (with four hours’ activity per week) and costs £1,200 incl. VAT. Designing your Garden is available from April 2012; Designing your Living Space is available from September 2012.

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