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In the garden with: Klaus Peter Teipel (research & consulting)

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Klaus Peter Teipel is an expert for the market segments DIY and handymen, house and garden as well as for the entire living market sector. He has been supporting both national and international companies from the trade and industry for over 20 years regarding market analytical and strategic questions, but also with the development of concepts and strategies. In addition to his research and consulting activities, in his capacity as a proven industry specialist, he is a sought-after speaker at many congresses and events.


Mr Teipel, you have been observing the green industry for a very long time now already, which development has surprised you the most over the past years?

Teipel: The dynamics coming from the online section is actually what has particularly surprised me, since the garden market largely comprises of products that up until now haven’t actually displayed a pronounced online affinity. Parallel to this the garden market in Germany has overall succeeded very well in retaining the high interest of the consumers for its own products, which is in turn reflected by the extremely high stability of the market. Thirdly, more and more stationary players from outside of the industry have also been influencing the market – i.e. the food chains or furniture stores. It remains to be seen, who will satisfy the needs of the customers best in future.

I also find the whole theme of smart gardening exciting. The digitalisation has gained a foothold in all garden sections in the meantime – from supplying the plants with water and nutrients, to providing shade and light, through to barbecuing. What amazes me here is that there are an infinite number of manufacturers, who offer products and solutions, but that there are still no really competently aligned merchant intermediaries in this section yet.


How do you see the future for the green industry?

Teipel: The pressure arising from the digitalisation is going to lead to a serious change of the entire retail trade landscape. The fact that structure of the German garden market appears to be largely stable on the bricks-and-mortar trade front when observed on the surface, is primarily attributable to the cross-channel effects. The share of turnover of the classic trade formats that is purely generated by the bricks-and-mortar trade will however most likely decline in the future. Because the digital specialists – like Amazon – are upgrading even further. The entire system will become more diversified, more complex and more unpredictable over the next years. Only one thing will be clear for sure: The number of specialist garden dealers as well as the business model and the appearance of the stationary markets will change significantly over the coming years.


Let’s move away from the business to the private side of things… What does your own garden actually look like and how do you use it?

Teipel: Our garden is a classic recreational and decorative garden. For my family and I it is primarily a place with a high sojourn quality, ideal for relaxing, having barbecues, etc… Gardening isn’t essentially a hobby of mine. When bigger changes are planned, something has to be rearranged or the shrubs have to be cut back extensively, we actually always commission a landscape or horticultural company.


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