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In the garden with: Brian Djernes (CEO Cane-line)

Brian Djernes © Cane-line

As a Danish design company Cane-line have developed and manufactured garden furniture for more than 25 years. We spoke to CEO Brian Djernes about the Scandinavian design approach, current trends for outdoor furniture and his expectations regarding the upcoming spoga+gafa fair.


Mr. Djernes, what is the specifically Nordic touch about Cane-lines design approach?

Cane-line works with leading Danish designers. They all share deep roots in the Danish design tradition built on craftsmanship, quality and distinctive expression. They also share an understanding of our Cane-line vision “life made comfortable” which is integrated in every design.


Have the demands for the design of gardens and outdoor areas changed in past years? And if so, what does that mean for your work?

Yes, it has definitely changed. We explore a big change in design and decoration of outdoor areas and gardens. The tendency is to live much more outside and decorate outdoor areas with softer elements like cushions, lanterns, carpets, lamps, footstools, small tables and plaids. Outdoor areas shall be like an outdoor living room still with comfort in every design. For our work this means that we challenge ourselves and our designers every day as we have to think “all weather comfort” into every design and furniture. All Cane-line furniture is made of quality materials, which can withstand large temperature differences and season changes. At the same time our furniture is UV-resistant, colourfast and resistant to water and frost damage.


How have you decorated your own garden? Do you feel influenced by a Scandinavian tradition?

I like my garden and terrace to be green and inviting yet still easy to keep – need to be life made comfortable. A large outdoor lounge area is the place the whole family and friends can relax and have fun with outdoor activities like Ping Pong and swimming pool. The furniture style and design is Scandinavian – simple, comfortable and practical.


Cane-line provides tailor made solutions for private gardens as well as for international project partners. What are the special requirements for the contract business?

Furniture for contract business needs to be extremely rigorous, high quality, easy maintainable, versatile and above all, comfortable in use. Also keywords like low maintenance and functionality are important. The design needs to be timeless, Scandinavian and extensive so it goes hand in hand with the surroundings. We are proud to be represented in more than 100 markets where our furniture create comfort and enjoyment for guests and clients all over the world in different situations whether it is a peaceful travel, a social get together or business meetings.


What do you expect from this years spoga+gafa trade fair?

I expect to meet new and old clients and friends of Cane-line, have fruitful and inspiring business talks where we can develop each other business and naturally show all our new exiting and unique design and products.


© Cane-line

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