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In the garden with: Anna Hackstein (IVG)

Anna Hackstein – Photo: IVG

Anna Hackstein is Managing Director of Industrieverband Garten (IVG) e.V. / Industry Garden Association since September 2017. The business administration graduate has been working for the IVG since 2015 and was initially responsible for the Marketing and Communications section, before taking over responsibility for managing the association originally on a provisional basis in the spring of 2017. The association currently unites just under 140 member-companies of the garden industry and its core competences lie in providing information, networking, PR work and lobbying.


Mrs. Hackstein, our rubric is called “In the garden with…,” but you don’t have a garden, do you? Where do you go when you want to enjoy nature and greenery?

Hackstein: I don’t actually have my own garden, but I do have a very green city balcony. It is my place of retreat and it offers me the possibility to put the inspiration of our industry into practice in the urban environment too. I believe many city dwellers feel the same way as me and this target group will become more and more important for our market in future too. Urbanization is one of the most important mega trends of our society – our members have already recognized the desire for green oases in highly populated regions and have reacted with the corresponding products. I am personally very grateful for this. Long-term, however, I do want my own larger green area, where I can keep all of the wonderful things that the garden market has to offer.


Due to your job you have a good overview of the current trends in the garden market. In you opinion what are the developments that are influencing the green industry the most?

Hackstein: I have already mentioned one of the most important trends. Beyond this it is the other big mega trends that are not only shaping our industry at the moment, but also many other sectors. These include digitalization: New sales channels are a major challenge for all market participants here. I think our industry will have to align itself more broadly and more flexibly in future – the first steps in the right direction have already been taken.

However, the digitalization also has an effect on the product segments too. For example, a big theme in the garden market is the Smart Gardening section. Here, there are already several innovative approaches that are currently enriching the product worlds. We can no doubt look forward to further exciting innovations in the future.

A further field that has been having an impact on the garden appliance sector for several years is the battery-operated section. Technological developments are leading to the appliances becoming increasingly more efficient and are thus not only proving to be a real alternative for the private customers, but also in the meantime for the professionals. The advantages are obvious: Lighter and ergonomic appliances simplify the work in the garden.


For more than 40 years, the IVG has been representing the interests of its members and has been asserting itself for the matters of the garden industry. How do you think the association work will develop over the next years? Which aims and tasks will become more important in future?

Hackstein: In this connection, the most important keyword is “development”. As an association, we have to keep an eye on the market and regularly examine our services. We always endeavor to offer our members new platforms in the scope of our core competences and to expand our offer. In this way, for example, we have very recently introduced two new working committees on the themes “System trade” and “Specialized trade”. The internationalization is a further important area for us. The exchange with other European associations is also gaining significance and we will thus intensify our efforts here too in future. Whereby our top priority remains to be promoting the competition and giving the industry a strong voice.


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