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Hygge outdoors: Scandinavian attitude towards life for the garden

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The Danish word “Hygge” stands for an interiors trend that brings Scandinavian cosiness into the living room. Exhibitors of spoga+gafa bring Nordic tranquility to the garden. Natural materials, timeless forms and warm colours characterise their current outdoor design for a relaxed lifestyle.

Hygge has become the symbol for a lifestyle trend that has increasingly been defining interior design in recent years. In addition to the straightforward and timeless design, a certain cosiness characterises this living style. It stands for warmth and sanctuary, and expresses itself in the use of especially livable furniture and accessories. The garden is also increasingly becoming a place of refuge in an increasingly hectic everyday routine. So it’s no wonder that Hygge has also arrived outdoors as an attitude toward life. Exhibitors from the high north showed how an atmosphere of well-being can be created for the outdoors at the last spoga+gafa.

It is primarily natural materials that provide for the Hygge feeling in the garden. Garden chairs, tables or loungers made of wood make a warm impression and stand for an authentic way of life. Wood also plays a special role in current Scandinavian collections in combination with metal. Bright and friendly colours ranging from creme through grey to pastel shades also characterise the Nordic look. Entirely in keeping with Hygge are soft textures for furniture for outdoors. Cushions on comfortable armchairs or lounge sofas invite one to relax. Soft pillows and outdoor rugs create a homey atmosphere.

Hygge is also a way of life in which one concentrates on the small things. Key here is creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere in which anyone can let themselves go. This is why lanterns and candles are also among the indispensable accessories for a “hyggely” space outdoors. The appropriate mood can also be created with decorative objects. A fireplace or a wood stove provide a feeling of warm well-being.

Current design from Northern Europe is primarily characterised by relaxed elegance. Down-to-earth, but often unusual in design, it makes the outdoors an extended living area. The garden thus becomes a place in which a modern lifestyle and a traditional atmosphere of well-being are equally at home.

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