Hover Dish Planter by Pot Inc.

Stylish metal dishes for indoors that can hold grasses and sedums.

The Canadian designer Todd Holloway, founder of Pots Inc., decided to redesign the old-fashioned moss hanging baskets. He wanted to have hanging plant containers that fit into modern interiors. Holloway let himself inspire by anything that was bowl shaped and tried out several designs before he found the final forms.

The Hover Dish Planters are metal bowls that hang from a steel wire. They are ideal for mosses, sedums and grasses, but they can also be put in the kitchen as holders for fruit and vegetables. There are five different designs, two models are made from galvanized steel (Dolga and Flango) and the other three from aluminium. All of them are double powder coated for durability. The Hover Dish Planters are available in six bright standard colours, but can also be ordered with custom colours.

Further Information: potinc.ca


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