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Harmonious overall picture: Colours and accessories for the garden

Barcelona balcony planter by elho © elho

The summer is here and with it fresh colours and new accessories for the garden. A glance at the current designs of spoga+gafa exhibitors reveals which trends are determining this year’s outdoor season.

Which colour could symbolise the garden better than green? It is extremely appropriate for this year’s outdoor season that greenery has been voted as the colour of the year. Whether in the fashion, cosmetics or furnishing sectors – everything is green and blooming. This trend has long since become noticeable outdoors too. Garden furniture and accessories are being given a green coat. Whereby the array ranges from powerful and fresh, to muted and dark shades. And since green can be nicely combined with many other colours, the look can be skilfully pepped up: It shines out when combined with yellow, becomes softer with pink and blue lends it all a maritime appearance.

And yet still, the garden simply wouldn’t be the same without the classic shades white, grey, brown and black. Such nuances have long since become the most popular colours for outdoor furniture. Hence, in interplay with nature, an harmonious, coherent overall picture is emerging. This year grey and metallic hues are especially popular, but also natural colours such as cream, earth or charcoal shades. On the other hand, strong colours are freshening up the designs. Bright colours, such as brilliant yellow, intensive blue or striking pink and red shades are being more and more frequently used, particularly in the accessories section.

Today, gardens, balconies and terraces predominantly fulfil one purpose: Providing peace and relaxation from the increasingly fast-paced everyday routine. Gardening or relaxed sunbathing offer sensual experiences in compensation for the hectic working world. Living accessories provide the appropriate environment: Cushions, upholstery and blankets transform the open space into a cosy lounge area. Furnishing items that were previously reserved for interior spaces are increasingly conquering the garden: Vases, carpets, standard lamps or portable loudspeakers complement the outdoor furniture and turn the outdoor area into the second living-room.

Current trends for colours and accessories will be presented at spoga+gafa 2017 from 3 to 5 September. With more than 2,000 exhibitors expected from 59 countries, the international leading trade fair is once again presenting the whole world of the garden.

Landhaus window box and jardinière by EMSA © EMSA

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