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Hans Müller (Helix) is Entrepreneur of the Year

Hans Müller, Director of Helix Pflanzen GmbH and Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH – Photo: Helix

The best of the best in the green industry were distinguished with the TASPO Awards at a great gala in Berlin end of October 2017. The title “Entrepreneur of the Year” went to the innovative and environmentally-conscious master gardener, Hans Müller, Director of Helix Pflanzen GmbH and Helix Pflanzensysteme GmbH. spoga+gafa is official partner of the TASPO Awards.

Facade greenery system ‘Helix Elata’ – Photo: Helix


Helix has been concentrating on the beneficial effects of greenery and its usage in connection to buildings for some time already. In times of climate change, extreme weather conditions and increasing air pollution it becomes increasingly clearer that we need far more plants in our densely populated town centers. They provide an improved microclimate, reduce carbon dioxide and fine dust pollution, have a sound insulating effect, provide protection against the wind and offer shade on hot summer days. This is why Helix invests a lot of time and effort into developing new products and technologies that can be used to sustainably make buildings with plants more attractive.

Hans Müller works closely together with research facilities at universities and institutes – not only to check the reliability of the systems, but also to prove their efficiency by scientific methods. “Architects and urban planners need gardeners, who understand their vision and who offer the corresponding solutions,” said Müller. “It is important that the green systems offer a wide spectrum of applications, are of high quality and design and of course work safely long-term. For us gardeners, I can see many new fields of business arising in the eco-system service sector in future. Our profession will be demanded as growth managers, who accompany the greenery in extraordinary locations with cutting-edge technology in urban spaces, indoors and outside and manage these in the best possible sense.

For living green walls: ‘Helix System Facade’ – Photo: Helix


For example, Helix currently already offers different possibilities of covering facades with plants, which do not need contact to the ground and where the water and fertilizer supply is carried out on demand by computer-controlled systems. These systems allow vertical surfaces to be designed in totally different ways, turning them into living green walls. However, the company from Baden-Wuerttemberg doesn’t exclusively concentrate on making buildings more attractive: Together with different partners the company is constantly working on new ideas of how the present environmental problems in urban surroundings can be answered by using plants. For example, this is how the noise barrier ‘Compacta’ came about, which although it is only 45 cm wide allows a building height of between two to four meters, 50 percent of the surface of which is already covered with plants on assembly thanks to pre-cultivated plant mats.

The noise barrier ‘Compacta’ – Photo: Helix


The latest project involves exploiting the potential of moss – which is well-known as the perfect destroyer of fine dust – in urban areas. Here, Helix cooperated with the Ed. ZÜBLIN AG and the DITF – German Institute for Textile and Fibre Research – on the research project MoosTex to jointly develop a modular, wall system covered in plants. Since November 2017 this is being tested under real environmental conditions on streets with a high frequency of traffic.

The MoosTex research project: Since November 2017 moss walls are being tested under real environmental conditions on streets with a high frequency of traffic. – Photo: Helix


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