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Grove Ecosystem: A Smart Automated Indoor Garden

The Grove Ecosystem is an intelligent, indoor garden that makes it possible to grow vegetable food year round. It has been created by Grove Labs, a startup from Somerville, Massachusetts, claiming to change the future of food.

If the level of support for a Kickstarter is any hint, the Grove Ecosystem might become a huge success. The goal of 100.000 $ has easily been reached, the backers have raised over 250.000 $ weeks before the end.

Fish and plants are used to reliably grow produce – including vegetables, herbs and small fruits – in a space the size of a bookshelf. Included is a large main gardening bed, a greens and seedling bed, a self-cleaning aquarium, storage for tools and an integrated work space. A variety of integrated sensors for air temperature, air humidity, water temperature and water level keep track of the growing progress.

The Ecosystem is designed to help fish, plants and beneficial microbes to work in symbiosis and provide nutrients to grow fresh produce. It’s a natural process where the fish create nutrients for the plants and the plants clean the water for the fish. No cleaning of the tank and washing of the greens is needed.

The Grove OS mobile app gives Grove growers full control of their ecosystem, allowing them to monitor sensor readings and remotely control everything from light spectrum and intensity to watering cycles.

According to the manufacturers the installation is extremely easy because it will be shipped fully assembled. The Groves will be delivered in March 2016, at first only in the USA, but worldwide shipping is planned in the future.

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