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Grillson: The First BBQ with Wireless Meat Sensors

The barbecue manufacturer Grillson from Hannover in Germany presents its new meat thermometer sensors and the Bob Grillson Premium at the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne.

The best results in barbecuing are achieved when the meat temperature is controlled in a reliable way. But there are some problems with meat thermometers: broken or knotted cables, burned fingers when removing it and messy sensors. Grillson promises that with the Bob Grillson Premium BBQ, these issues are a thing of the past. The included sensor transmits the core temperature of the meat wireless to a smartphone. With the help of an app, the temperature can be adjusted and an alarm notices the cook when the food is ready.

The Bob Grillson Premium is a wood pellet grill with a wide temperature range. Going from 80°-500° Celsius, it works as BBQ, smoker and pizza oven. All relevant functions can be monitored and adjusted via the Grillson App. The Bob Grillson Premium works with a special technology that avoids unhealthy fat burning by heating two thirds of the grilling surface indirectly. Another featu re is the self-cleaning function: Initiated via app or manually, the Clean Mode heats the grill to 500° Celsius, burning fat and food leftovers to ashes that can easily be brushed off.

Grillson will be present at the garden trade fair spoga+gafa in Cologne from August 30th  to September 1st,2015 in hall 7, stand B049.

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