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Grill Control with Flip ’N Grate

The Flip ’N Grate is designed to provide control when cooking on the BBQ by allowing the user to easily flip the food and change the height.

This simple but clever grilling equipment might be something many hobby cooks have been waiting for a long time. Especially lovers of fish and other seafood have a hard time with the classic BBQ grill because it is tough to turn over the delicate substance with tongs or forks without tearing it apart.

The Flip ’N Grate makes it easy to flip fish, meat and vegetables in one movement. There is no need to desperately handle soft foods anymore as the whole grate is being turned over. The height of the grill can also be adjusted anytime allowing flexible temperature control.

The Flip ’N Grate works as an insert with kettle BBQs in the sizes 47 cm and 57 cm. But it can also be used on its own for example while hiking, camping or on the beach.

The Flip ’N Grate has been launched at the spoga+gafa 2015 in Cologne.

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