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Grey Mint, Romance 3.0 and recycling mix – What can we look forward to in 2018?

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The Dutch trend observer Aafje Nijman is primarily interested in flowers, plants and gardens. Together with Anet van Haaster, she runs the agency “Nijman + van Haaster”. Taking trend analyses as the starting point, new concepts are developed here for various national and international actors of the green industry. We spoke with Nijman about the trends of the still new year.


Mrs Nijman, the color green and the urban jungle theme are currently an absolute must in the interiors and deco segment. Of course, plants are a must here … Which colors, forms and materials are currently in demand when it comes to planters and other plant containers?

Nijman: All shades of green are of course perfect for this theme. Especially the “Grey Mint” shade will be an important basic color this year. New is the color black. Recycled materials and those that make an industrial impression are important. Many products are compiled from parts of other objects and are thus imbued with a recycling character. The forms are simple and irregular.


Recycling character is in – Photo: Blumenbüro Holland

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There are also many new trends each year with regard to cut flowers and floristry. What will be popular in 2018?

Nijman: One of the trend themes of the year 2018 is “Romance 3.0”. The trend is characterized by extremely opulently decorated materials, full forms and saturated color contrasts. This applies both to pots and vases, as well as to bouquets. Flowers and plants are used luxuriously. Splendid arrangements appear to merge with the background, because paintings and wallpaper also often have floral patterns.


Romance 3.0 – Photo: Blumenbüro Holland

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And how do things look in the garden this year? Last year many consumers were very interested in nature themes, like bee-friendly blossoming plants. Is this trend enduring?

Nijman: Certainly, nature remains an important theme, and of course the bees and all other insects. However, just as important in future will be the theme of water. The question we are all posed with here in Central Europe is how we will deal with the large quantities of heavy rain ahead of us? My tip: don’t seal too many surfaces! Remove a few stones and tiles from the garden and replace them with more greenery.


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