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Green Plast: Improving Lifes by Organizing Spaces

Art Plast, the Italian manufacturer of plastic solutions will be exhibiting new products from its subsidiary Green Plast at the spoga+gafa 2016.

Since their founding over thirty years ago, Art Plast has grown to be one plastic manufacturer that is experienced, reliable and passionate with what they create. Located in Northern Italy, they produce and distribute simple but very useful products with excellent value for money. Everything they do is 100% Italian and made of recyclable plastic.

Art Plast is well known for their storage units like cupboards, cube trunks and containers for private and professional use. Also, for their floor tiles for a multitude of spaces like garages, factories, loading zones for vehicles and temporary floor protection. The tiles are durable and strong, easy to clean, and offer good thermal and acoustic insulation. Because of the easy click-system, they are very quick to install and remove. They are available in different materials like PVC, Polypropylene and Combi-Wood.

Green Plast

Recognizing the growing segment of the garden market, Art Plast has founded the subsidiary Green Plast, concentrating on outdoor equipment. Plant pots, growers, and containers for green waste are the main pillars of Green Plast.

The LoLego collection by Green Plast consists of several plant pots, allowing anyone to create their own green patch at home. They are designed in a modern and simple style and useable for in- and outdoors.

Green Plast at spoga+gafa: hall 10.1, stand J065.

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