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Green Office: Second Home in Lisbon

Second Home Lisbon (interior design: SelgasCano) © Iwan Baan

A lasting trend in office design is to integrate plants into the working space to improve the interior climate and atmosphere. Spanish studio SelgasCano has transformed part of Lisbon’s old market hall into a plant-filled office space. Over 1,000 pot plants and trees have been installed there.

Set inside the landmark of Lisbon, the Mercado de Ribeira, the freshly designed office full with a jungle of plants is one of the greenest buildings in Europe. One main idea behind the project was to preserve the character and the main features of the historical space. The popular landmark, built in 1882, is defined by a large open space flaked by column shaped iron windows and beautiful iron-cast trusses in the roof. The inherit idea of a covered market in which a single open space bringing small companies together was preserved.

Another main goal of the forward-looking project has been to reduce the energy consumption of the building. To realize this the air conditioning system was eliminated and a radiant floor for cooling and heating in complement with natural ventilation was created. A technique which have been taken from green house systems. By this the designers José Selgas and Lucía Cano found inspiration to give privacy and good air quality placing 1,000 plants in the office space – turning it into an urban jungle.

Second Home Lisbon (interior design: SelgasCano) © Iwan Baan


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