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Green Living Room Raises Awareness for Sustainable Urban Living

Funded by the EU project TURAS successfully toured with a mobile green oasis through several European cities.

Everything started with a regional association, an EU research project, an architect, a gardener and a city. Two years ago, an interdisciplinary exchange about new visions of urban greenery resulted in a project where a green island was placed into the German town of Ludwigsburg. The challenge was to create something that inspires cities to build more green spaces.

Green spaces create shade, filter out dangerous fine dust, cool the surrounding air through evaporation and provide zones where city dwellers can relax. The Green Living Room is made of walls and a roof, planted with over 7.000 individual plants of 30 different species. At first the project was disputed but after the University of Stuttgart scientifically proved its positive effects, it became a best practice example for a successful and sustainable investment in green infrastructure.

The success of the Green Living Room inspired its makers to go on tour with it. The architect Dr. Ferdinand Ludwig and Hans Müller from the company Helix, which provided the plants, convinced TURAS, an EU project for sustainable urban living, to visit European cities and raise awareness for the topic of resilience. Local politicians and citizens in seven European countries could directly experience and learn about the advantages of green infrastructure.

So, the Green Living Room went mobile and toured through Bonn, Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Antwerp, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Krems. The reactions were absolutely positive, from the communities as well as from the media coverage. Several cities have shown interest in either buying or renting the Mobile Green Living Room.

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