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Glowing Plants: Bioglow Announces Significant Progress

Plants that glow in the dark might be coming to us sooner than we may think.

The biotechnology company Bioglow is announcing a breakthrough in the development of houseplants that emit light via bioluminescence. Their first glowing plant, the Starlight Avatar™, was released with great success (and in a very limited number) earlier this year to US customers.

To witness the full glow of this early product it is necessary to darken the room completely and to wait until the eyes get used to the darkness. According to Bioglow, due to a new discovery, the new version of this tobacco plant will be readily visible and will pave the way to glowing plants landscaping and novel types of night gardens.

At the moment, Bioglow is looking for business partners to bring the next generation of glowing plants to the market.

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