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Germans Love Their Kitchen Gardens

A recent forsa survey shows that more and more Germans decide to grow their own fruit and vegetables in their gardens.

Living consciously, enjoying life consciously – people in Germany make a point by consuming more products that are harvested from ecological production. On behalf of the home improvement store chain toom, the market research company forsa surveyed 1.000 German garden owners.

68 per cent answered that they do pay attention that the fruit and vegetables they eat are coming from organic farms. Every second garden owner said that they grow fruit, vegetables or herbs for themselves. Half of those people also mind the natural quality of the soil, seeds, seedlings and fertiliser. 73 per cent of the hobby gardeners do it for fun and, additionally, two thirds do it because of the better taste and because eating your own food is simply healthier.

Another thing that became clear was that garden work is not at all reserved for the older generations. When it comes to growing their own food, the 18-29 year olds are equally busy with garden care as the generation 60+. The most active however are people around 50. 46 per cent of the surveyed who are not working in the garden stated that the reason for this is too little time. One third said that they don’t have a “green thumb” and don’t know if their gardening attempts will be successful.

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