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Germans love their gardens

End May 2012 more than 480 leading DIY-executives participated in the 2. European Home Improvement Forum and discussed trends, customer behavior and market developments. The latest consumer study, done by GfK SE on behalf of the European Federation of DIY Manufacturers (fediyma), was presented for the DIY- markets Italy, Austria, Poland, Russia, the Netherlands and Turkey. GfK already in 2010 did a consumer survey in Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Denmark and England.

This showed that for the Germans the feeling of wellbeing and feeling at home in their garden was particularly important. But they also like to work indoor and outdoor and love to make a lot of things themselves. 92 per cent of respondents enjoyed very much to spend time in their gardens. Most of the work – planting and watering – they do without any helping hands from outside (also 92 per cent of the participants of the study). Compared with the other countries the German leisure gardeners show the highest rate of gardening maintenance done by their own. The average of all countries is 89 per cent. At the bottom line: Spain with only 75 per cent.

Germans spend on average 600 € per year on garden maintenance and about 1.500 € for plants and ornamental measures. The French in comparison do not spend more than 400 € altogether. Thus, the Germans are champions in spending money on gardening.

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