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German Hotelier Builds Luxury Eco-Holiday Homes on Bali

The delMango Couture Retreat is a new development on Bali by German hotelier Frank M. Pfaller, who describes it as Bali’s first ‘eco-luxury couture retreat’, and located in Seminyak, not far from the international airport. This exclusive hideaway will have 14 private villas with one to three bedrooms. The residences are between 233 and 457 square metres, each with a private pool, first-class hotel service and a decided orientation towards nature and the environment. The establishment is due to open in the autumn. The ‘del’ brand stands for discerningly eco luxury: the development has an unmistakeable strategic orientation towards sustainability in all aspects of the structure, consumption of utilities, and everyday operation.

The delMango Couture Retreat combines cosmopolitan comfort and convenience with avant-garde design, with a unique international lifestyle message. Herr Pfaller has made a careful study of the preferences shown by frequent international travellers, but in his brand marketing uses the German term ‘Lebensart’ (‘way of life’; ‘savoir-vivre’) in lieu of the much over-used English word ‘Lifestyle’. Frank M. Pfaller’s company Selected Estates of Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore, is seen as a pioneer in the development of luxury resorts and has won awards such as the ‘Green Star Diamond Award’ from the well-known American Academy of Hospitality Sciences.

The establishment is surrounded by fabulous tropical gardens, while the roomy villas have generously dimensioned reception and lounge areas designed by the internationally known Bali architects Yoko Sara and Ketut Arthana. The interior design is deliberately understated, but with a distinct international flavour by Nobuyiki Narabayashi of Japan – and so in tune with the preferences of Japanese clients, one of the main target customer groups. Herr Pfaller says the structure makes use of typical Bali shapes and materials such as bamboo; for eco-luxury has always been oriented to the ethnic traditions of the host destination, and must match up to strict ethical criteria with respect use of natural resources such as water and energy.

Nine of the 14 villas are already sold. If the owner is not in residence, then the villas are available for rent at a cost of between $390 (a small one-bedroom villa in the off-season) and $1,155 (three-bedroom villa in the main season) per night – inclusive of chef-butler and afternoon-tea ceremony.

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