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German Horticultural Shows 2018

“Experience nature. Live naturally.” is the motto of the Horticultural Show in Hessen. – Photo: LGS Bad Schwalbach

It’s time again at last from mid to the end of April: Five horticultural shows will be opening their doors in Germany. Up until October 2018 they will be presenting new garden trends, lush worlds of flowers and plants as well as first-class garden culture.

“Experience nature. Live naturally.” is the motto of the Horticultural Show in Hessen. – Photo: LGS Bad Schwalbach

Hessen: Bad Schwalbach Horticultural Show

The 6th Hessen Horticultural Show is taking place in Taunus in the district of Bad Schwalbach. Its motto “Experience nature. Live naturally” is to serve as a recurring theme across the grounds spanning over twelve hectares. The historical spa gardens of the city that are spread over two valleys are the centrepiece of the show. The landscape concept of the horticultural show was designed by “lohrer.hochrhein Landschaftsarchitekten und Stadtplaner GmbH” from Munich. The idea was to renovate the park that is over 400 years old – which has been rather neglected over the past years – in such a way that it meets the needs of today’s visitors and to reestablish the connection between the city and green spaces. The Menzebach Valley forms the southern, more urban part of the spa gardens. Landscape gardeners have restored the spa pond, allées and historical viewing sights in this area so that also the area above remains a point of attraction in addition to the garden show. This summer the visitors can look forward to traditional and modern garden culture. In the Röthelbach Valley there is going to be a Taunus farm with animals in addition to diversified flower shows.

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View from the grounds of garden show over Iburg Castle – Photo: LGS Bad Iburg

Lower Saxony: Bad Iburg Horticultural Show

Beneath the castle Bad Iburg is staging the 6th Lower Saxony Horticultural Show in the Teutoburg Forest. The motto is “Dive in!” The traditional spa resort in Osnabrück Land is focusing on contemporary health and well-being. The area of the horticultural show stretches across the Charlottensee Park and the Waldkur Park. 2.7 hectares of the exhibition surface are wetlands – there are two lakes and five ponds in total. The projects were planned by the landscape architecture office “A 24 Landschaft” from Berlin. On the grounds spanning around 33 hectares around 1,000 square metres of perennials and around 3,000 square metres of seasonal plants were planted, twelve theme gardens were built and there is a large hall of flowers that covers approx. 1,000 square metres. A 439 metre long and up to 32 metre high treetop path is a special attraction in Bad Iburg. Furthermore, exhibitions on diverse themes are to be presented in the glades of the Waldkur Park.

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The Old Town in Burg: embraced by gardens – Photo: LGS Burg

Saxony-Anhalt: Burg Horticultural Show 2018

This year the city of Burg, near Magdeburg is the focus of national attention, because this is where the Saxony-Anhalt’s 4th Horticultural Show is being staged. On a surface totalling 17 hectares, high-quality garden culture is to be presented: Magnificent beds of seasonal plants, inspiring themes and city gardens, regularly alternating flower shows… But beyond this the city is also going to present itself. This is why the motto is “Embraced by gardens”. The Old Town of Burg is meant here, which forms the focus of the four exhibition sections – Goethe Park, Weinberg, Ihle Gardens and Flickschu Park. All elements of the Burg Horticultural Show 2018 are oriented on the portfolio of contemporary history buildings, greenery and garden areas and upgrade these both in terms of contents and appearance. The landscape concept was created by “MSB Landschaftsarchitekten” from Hamburg.

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Wurzburg Horticultural Show 2018: “Where ideas grow” – Photo: Angie Wolf

Bavaria: Wurzburg Horticultural Show

The Horticultural Show 2018 is already the second to be staged in Wurzburg. The city organised the show for the first time in 1990. Following the motto “Where ideas grow” this summer the visitors are not only going to be able to experience rare plants and blossoming landscapes, but can also get to know an urban location for new ideas: Because the garden show grounds are found in the relatively new district Hubland, which reinforces the city of Wurzburg as a centre of knowledge and work and as a place that strives to make life more attractive. However, one isn’t just setting one’s sights ahead to the future in Wurzburg: As well as nature, garden art and urban gardening trends, the visitors of the garden show will also be offered a journey through the multi-faceted history of the area – it used to be a potato field, then a gallows hill, the runway for aviation pioneers and finally a base of the US forces. The draft of the landscape for the horticultural show grounds was developed by “Hutterreimann Landscharchitekten GmbH” from Berlin.

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Three different park sections spanning around 38 hectares await the visitors in Lahr. – Photo: LGS Lahr

Baden-Wuerttemberg: Lahr Horticultural Show

The doors of the Horticultural Show in Lahr will be opening in April under the motto “grows. lives. moves.” The “club L94 Landschaftsarchitekten” from Cologne already started planning the area in 2011. Three different park sections spanning around 38 hectares await the visitors. Around 4,000 trees and bushes were planted on the former farmland over the past two years. In the small garden park right at the beginning of the show, numerous blossoming theme gardens can be discovered. In the Bürger Park the Via Ceramica that boasts 176 lime trees pruned into striking shapes is reminiscent of an antique settlement. The trees symbolise the houses that used to stand there alongside a Roman trading street over 1,500 years ago. The hall of flowers and the colourful gardens of Lahr’s partner cities in Canada, France and Costa Rica is also located in this section of the park. The Seepark emanates tranquility and nature: In the midst of vast green areas among others the agricultural firms, forestries and beekeepers will present themselves. The “Grave Design and Memorial” Exhibition, which demonstrates new forms of burial is also located here.

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