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Gardening is a very serious matter in Britain

Gardening is supposed to be fun. Yes, but in Britain it is also something that must be carried out with utmost seriousness. Decent gardening requires proper planning and sound knowledge of plants and, of course, gardening tools.

Especially British middle-aged women become restless when spring is near. They spent the whole winter planning the design and plants for the new garden season. For them a plant is not just a plant, it rather is a growing member of the family. Generally speaking, the British seem to treat their gardens as if they were their children. Every change and development of the plant is thoroughly noted and, like the weather, is a popular topic for small talk with neighbours and friends. Pests and other unwanted creatures in the garden are seen as a personal assault and must be fought without compromise. However, synthetic chemicals must not be used, but only natural products such as organic fertilisers, pesticides and composting. For the British gardeners their gardens are a part of their identity. Therefore, garden tools are a popular present for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other personal occasions. British gardeners prefer the designed and artistic garden and so, lots of beautiful flowers, often roses, zest the gardens. Nowadays the kitchen garden becomes increasingly popular in Britain. However, even in this type of garden, beauty is a must. The vegetables grown have to be attractive or at least raised in fancy pots or containers. Ideally, the grown herbs and vegetables taste good, but it almost seems that stylish appearance is even more important. The average British gardener invests 82 Euros (108 $) per year in his garden.

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