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Garden Theatre – New Developments in Outdoor Audio and Video Technology

The fireplace in the garden is completely set up with comfy lounge furniture; the outdoor kitchen is equipped with refrigerator and brick oven, what else is missing to turn the garden into a full living space? Of course an audio setup and TV to enjoy music, sport events, TV shows, video games and movies. Audio and video technologies complete the outdoor living experience.

Installing a conventional TV on your patio might be a bad idea; even if you manage to keep it somehow protected from the rain, those models aren’t built to withstand drops in temperature and won’t live long outside. Companies like SunBriteTV, SkyVue or VIA offer specially built television sets that can cope with wet, cold and hot weather. SkyVue claims that their TVs work at temperatures from -33° to +54° Celsius.

The technology integration firm VIA offers full audio and video solutions for outdoors. Their TVs are designed to be exposed to the weather elements and feature screen coatings to minimize the glare of bright outdoor environments. The sets can be integrated in the setting of any garden; they can for example unfold out of the ground and hide away when not used. There are also new developments in audio technologies for outside. Weather-resistant outdoor speakers have been available for years; however, the latest loudspeaker technology offers much more consistent sound coverage and greatly improved sound quality. In-ground hidden subwoofers and camouflaged speakers will easily be heard but will be hard to find.

If you really want to afford the maximum you can install the C Seed 201 in your garden, the largest television on the market with a gigantic screen that is over 5 metres (201 inches) in diagonal.


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