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Garden Hand Tools – a cut above the rest

Given the extremely wet weather much of the country has been experiencing, it would naturally make sense that sales within the garden categories have suffered. Although this is the case at a total level for the Garden Hand Tools sector, there are areas which have been performing well, showing growth or at least a slower level of decline.

Total Garden Hand Tools sales volume is down -14% in the year to date period January to June 2012 compared with 2011, but value sales are only down -8%. Unsurprisingly, many of the digging sectors have declined with Forks, Spades and Trowels all declining at a rate of circa -20% or so in value, which is more than double the rate of declines of the total market.

Of course, this must mean there are sectors which have done well. One such sector, particularly in value, includes the Hoe/Weeder category. Innovation within the market has led to a 15% increase in overall average price of this sector, pushing volume decline into value growth in the year to date period.

Elsewhere, it is the cutting sectors which have performed well. They are either growing in absolute terms, such as Hedge Shears and Axes, or at least gaining share in the market with sales broadly stable year on year, such as Grass Shears. This would suggest that, whilst the weather has impacted some activity within the garden, consumers have taken to the stores to purchase the cutting tools required to maintain the appearance of their gardens and combat the rampant growth the weather conditions have provided.

Although it seems a distant memory now, the significant sales seen of Snow Tools earlier in the year have also provided a sector of growth within the total Garden Hand Tools market year to date.

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