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Gandia Blasco: Outdoor Furniture Collection (Part 2)

The Spanish furniture company Gandia Blasco is known for its stylish and fresh outdoor furniture. The collection in 2014 includes a wide variety of design pieces: garden chairs, garden tables, outdoor daybeds, lounge seating, chaise lounge, outdoor benches, parasols & pool umbrellas, modern patio furniture sets and much more.

DozeQuinze Collection. Design by Francesco Sillitti.

DozeQuinze is a collection that was inspired from the observation of the thick cable connections in the city of Sao Paulo. It is a line of furniture that transposes the characteristic element transmitting to each object a unique and distinct character. DozeQuinze is designed for indoor and outdoor space. Its structure is stainless steel tube and the seat is made with a rubber band. This structure gives strength and comfort.

Textile Collection. Design by Ana Llobet.

This collection draws its inspiration from fashion; the concepts and techniques used in textiles have been carried over into the world of furniture. The way items in the collection are put together uses a system that simulates how seams are stitched in clothes. This makes it possible to obtain an item with great flexibility that adapts to everyone, the same way as a fashion garment. The stitching in the chair makes it perfectly ergonomic, providing comfort and giving the design its own individual character.

Basic Collection. Design by Odosdesign.

Basic Skin stems from the idea of developing and broadening the possibilities of the Basic chair. The idea of dressing a product, giving it infinite possibilities, and being acceptable in any environment.

Aram Collection. Design by Nendo.

This collection of stools and low tables is based on a traditional Indian furniture technique of weaving metal wires around a metal frame. The spacing between the wires is gradually widened, creating a gradation effect. The Arma collection is a design created through a small change to an existing technique.

Touareg. Design by Sandra Figuerola.

This piece, with its standard volume and geometric shape, unites a universal and contemporary language. The Farol Touareg subtly filters the light, just as the lattices that are so present in our Mediterranean culture.

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