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Gandia Blasco: Outdoor Furniture Collection (Part 1)

The Spanish furniture company Gandia Blasco is known for its stylish and fresh outdoor furniture. The collection in 2014 includes a wide variety of design pieces: garden chairs, garden tables, outdoor daybeds, lounge seating, chaise lounge, outdoor benches, parasols & pool umbrellas, modern patio furniture sets and much more.

Jian Collection. Design by NERI&HU.

The Jian collection for Gandia Blasco is a collection of outdoor furniture inspired by the concept of “in-between”. The character “Jian” in Chinese has the meaning of “in-between”, and is one of two characters that form the words “space, time and people”, among many others. The aim was to create a collection that has an ethereal quality, capturing both, time and space, the sky and land, something to give poetry to outdoor living, and offer a restful sanctuary to everyday business. The collection is made up of various sizes and functions for different outdoor purposes.

Docks Collection. Design by Romero Vallejo.

DOCKS is a modular, open and flexible furniture collection that takes into account the links between the pieces and interaction with the human body, resulting in an unequivocal sense of balance. Cushions and supports are placed over a light, stackable and easily transportable aluminum structure to create more complex sofas, beds and rest areas. Lights, shadows and rhythm generate abstract forms that take us back to the roots of the Mediterranean.

Stack Collection. Design by Borja García.

Stack is a stackable outdoor furniture collection inspired by the nautical world with design elements reminiscent of the 1960’s and 1970’s. The collection’s clean and straightforward structures along with the materials used give shape to simple, balanced, and incredibly light pieces. Gandia Blasco’s design uses self-supporting fabric over the extruded aluminum body to provide a simple construction with lightness and comfort. The Stack collection is ideal for both large contract installations as well as small residential projects.

Na Xemena. Design by Ramón Esteve

Na Xemena is more than just an outdoor furniture collection. In fact, it was a completely original concept in the outdoor environment and has served to generate a brand new contemporary atmosphere. Ramón Esteve came up with this collection in response to a specific need, to make the outdoor space into an extension of the living space. It arose from architecture, which gave it a certain amount of conceptual and technical reliability. Its basic geometry meant it could go much further and be capable of responding to norms of timelessness and universality.

Flat Textil Collection. Design by Mario Ruiz

Flat is a collection of outdoor furniture that we designed for Gandia Blasco in 2006. Years later, it has been so successful that they continued designing new items. It’s a well-balanced and flexible collection; an essentially formal concept with a light and airy structure in which fabric plays an important part.

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