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G-Force by Sumec: Cordless Garden Equipment with 120 Volt

The powerful G-Force XR120 series consists of a lawn mower, a blower and a grass trimmer.

Battery-mowers usually come with 36, 56 or 82 volts. But with the G-Force devices, developed by Sumec, those machines can now reach powerful 120 volts. According to the developers, this marks the first time a battery powered cordless garden machine can reach the same performance in power and efficiency as petrol powered machinery.

The G-FORCE XR120 Series consists of the XR120 lawn mower, the XR120 Grass trimmer and the XR120 blower.

The G-FORCE XR120 lawn mowers are equipped with either one or two 120V lithium battery pack powered by Samsung. The EasySwitch™ Technology allows the automatic switch over to the 2nd battery. Adaptive Cutting™ Technology is implemented for cutting in tough conditions. A high torque brushless motor offers petrol power level with 90% efficiency and a high life durability. The mowers can even be stored vertically.

The G-FORCE XR120 lawn mower is available in two versions, the XR120 SP and the XR120 Push. The first one offers a variable speed self-propelled system, the second a push drive system. Additionally, the XR120 SP has 4 in 1 Decking (bagging, mulching, side discharging as well as rear-discharging).

The grass trimmer of the XR120V series offers an estimated cutting time of 1 hour, while it cuts at 120 voltage power. The trimmer has a  2 mm dual cutting line for higher cutting efficiency.

The XR120V blower can reach an estimated running time of 145 minutes at the lowest speed and 25 minutes at maximum speed with 120 voltage power. The blower has multiple functions integrated into one control panel, which enables the user to operate the whole blower with one hand.

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