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“Fresh Herbs”: New Pot from Emsa

At this year’s spoga+gafa, German company Emsa presented among other products their new plant pot especially for herbs, “Fresh Herbs”. Equipped with a clever watering system, it is supposed to keep basil, thyme and co. fresh for several weeks. Emsa expects these nicely designed pots with their original flower-shaped water gauge to sell as gift article and to be grabbed by impulse buyers.

“Fresh Herbs” has just the right size for all customary kitchen herbs. The plants are being inserted with their own pot. According to Emsa, a watering wick on the inside is turning the herbs into self-sustainers and drying-out and overwatering are now things of the past. The water goes through the spout.

The packaging has an open design, so that the customers can have a direct impression of the look and the usability of the pots. “Free Herbs” is UV-resistant and comes in four strong colours: white, granite, green and pink.

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