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Flowers: Online channel increasingly popular in the UK

Anthurium – Photo:
Anthurium – Photo:

Mother´s Day is an important day for the flower industry. In the UK, mothers are celebrated on the fourth Sunday of the Lenten Season, this year March 26th. Just as in many other countries, flowers play an important role here, too.

Opportunities to buy flowers are innumerous – flower shops, garden centres, markets, supermarkets and even petrol stations. More and more English buy flowers online. This is a conclusion from the UK country report of the Dutch flower auction Royal FloraHolland published recently.

In 2010 only 3 percent of British consumers bought flowers online. In 2015 this figure had increased to 10 percent, and now 13 percent buy flowers via internet. Consumers buying the most flowers are in the age group of young adults between 30 and 39 years old. They have the most purchasing power and know their way around the online channels. “We expect this trend to keep going. Internet is becoming increasingly popular,” predicts market specialist Josephine Klapwijk of Royal FloraHolland.

Klapwijk confirmed that there are many online flower providers in the UK. The largest by far is Interflora. Next in line are newcomers e.g. Arena Flowers, Bloom & Wild and Moonpig, which are working strong on building their business.

Another evident trend mentioned in the country report is an increasing demand for seasonal flowers among young people aged 18-29 years old (peonies, tulips, narcissus, gladioli and sunflowers). “They buy far less traditional flowers. Older customers are likely to buy chrysanthemums and carnations. But the young are more sensitive to trends and make different purchasing decisions.”

It is remarkable that one-fifth of all British flower buyers comes from London as well as accordingly the highest amount spent on flowers. About 22 percent of the British flower sales are bought in the region bigger London. “The average Londoner has more to spend,” stressed Klapwijk.

Tulips – Photo: Claudia Gölz
Tulips – Photo: Claudia Gölz

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