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FLIPPED: Bosske Turns the Plant Pot on it’s Head

This terracotta container seems to stand upside down.

The new Boskke FLIPPED planter is a re-imagining of the humble terracotta plant pot. Inspired by the way traditional plant pots are often stacked upside down when they’re not in use, the outer body works as a water reservoir, supplying moisture to the plant for up to two weeks using Slo-Flo irrigation technology.

FLIPPED was developed by the award-winning designer Patrick Morris: “We have reimagined the humble terracotta plant pot and improved its functionality. The form refers to traditional Italian planters, which are often stacked upside-down, but the planter is now a water reservoir, holding sufficient water for up to a month, allowing you to keep your plants fresh and healthy without the fuss.”

Bosske, which means „little forest“ in old English,  wants to create beautiful, functional gardening products that understand the challenges of city living. The British company is known for their upside-down Sky Planter, which won several design awards.  Boskke products retail in 40 countries worldwide, including the USA and most of Europe, Japan, Australasia and South America. Its high-profile retailers include the Museum of Modern Art – New York, pioneering Dutch design firm Droog – Amsterdam, and in London, the Design Museum and Kew, the Royal Botanical Gardens.

The FLIPPED planter will be available starting in February 2017.

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