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Fiskars Presents New Lightweight Garden Tools For 2017

Fiskars’ new products from their Light range are bright, modern and designed to appeal especially to women.

According to Fiskars’ own research, the most important factors for hobby gardeners when it comes to tools are effortlessness and ergonomics. Especially women value light weight and bright contemporary designs. The new Light range is an answer to those demands.

With the new tools, weight is saved by using aluminium for the handles. „Our goal was it to shape a product line making daily gardening easier,“ says Alexander Francke, Regional Director Cluster West. „Our design team worked intensively on the ergonomics of the tools. Besides watching your posture, the easiest way to minimize stress on your back is to choose the right tools.“

All in all, the Light range comprises 12 tools for hobby gardening tasks. For example, the Light Spade makes it easier to dig holes and partition patches. Because of the aluminium handle, the body gets barely stressed. The same goes for the Light Shovel and the Light Spade Fork. For smoothing and loosening flower beds, Fiskars offers several Light tools to help, like a rake and grubber. There are also tools for weeding and a broom for leaves.

All Fiskars Light products will be available in 2017.

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