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Eva Solo Creates Designer Homes for Birds

Simplicity, distinct lines and a high degree of functionality: These are the three qualities with which Eva Solo describes itself. The Danish company specializes in design pieces which bring Nordic elegance into kitchen, bathroom or  outdoors. A wide selection of everyday objects has been developed and produced with the help of some of the best design professionals and they have been awarded with over 150 Danish and international design prices over the time. This year they can celebrate a big anniversary: one hundred years in business!

The latest additions to their product range are stylish feeder items for birds. The mini feeder balls are small bowls made of glass shaped in a simplistic design inspired by weaver birds’ nests. They can be hung outside onto a tree, a bush or near the balcony and provide small domestic birds with necessary nutrients during the cold winter and throughout the year. Because of its  transparent material the animals can be observed from all angles.

The bird table helps feeding the birds as well, but this piece comes in two forms: hanging from a tree or standing in the ground. It has a sculptural classic design formed by two semi-circular halves. Its material is white steel which makes it pretty durable.

Whichever model you choose, you can be sure that the looks of it will attract not only birds but also those who appreciate designer garden products.

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