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European Green Capital 2017: Essen Excited for the Coming Year

After winning the European Green Capital Award for 2017, the German city of Essen has now presented a program for the coming year with hundreds of activities.

As the European Green Capital 2017, the city of Essen, located in the midst of the laborious Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, has now presented a detailed plan for events, congresses and projects.

The extraordinary year for Essen officially begins on January 21st and 22nd in the Grugapark. On the first day, there will be a ceremonial act with high-ranking guests from Germany and the European Commission. The second day is dedicated to the citizens and everyone who wants to join. At the festival, people will be introduced to the idea of the Green Capital and green change in general.

From May to August, the Ruhr Museum will show the exhibition “Grün in der Stadt. Parks und Gärten in Essen” (Green in the city. Parks and gardens in Essen). There are many different parks and green spaces in and around Essen. Due to the heritage of the city, these areas blend nature with industry, which makes for a unique atmosphere.

During the summer, the pilot project Baden in der Ruhr (Swimming in the Ruhr river) will take place. An unprecedented new warning system is going to inform people about the current water quality. Also, at the Tag der Bewegung (Day of movement) on July 2nd, the people are invited to explore the ideas of the Green Capital at an event with many sporting activities.

There will be a number of conferences and symposia around the topics environment, sustainability and urban lifestyle. For example, the fairventure conference 2017, which deals with eco-social change, will be held in Essen this year. Let’s hope that these activities and meetings will have a powerful and positive impact on the green future of cities worldwide.

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