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European Commission Publishes Brochure to Promote Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure can be broadly defined as a planned network of high quality natural and semi-natural areas with other environmental features, which is designed and managed to deliver a wide range of ecosystem services and protect biodiversity in both rural and urban settings. An area with green infrastructure fosters a better quality of life, improves biodiversity, protects against climate change and encourages a smarter, more integrated approach to an efficient development. 

The European Commission addresses the potentials of green infrastructure in a new brochure “Building a Green Infrastructure for Europe”. The benefits of a greener environment are explained and exemplary case studies are presented.

The Commission has adopted a green infrastructure strategy, ‘to promote the deployment of green infrastructure in the EU in urban and rural areas’. The strategy is made up of four main elements, which are presented in detail in the brochure:

  • Promoting green infrastructure in the main EU policy areas
  • Supporting EU-level green infrastructure projects
  • Improving access to finance for GI projects
  • Improving information and promoting innovation

Further Information and free download of the brochure: Environment in the European Commission


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