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Ethno by Scheurich: Exotic Home for Orchids

The German market leader for plant containers presents a new pot with oriental charm.

Far away places are the inspiration for the current ethnic-look, which is trending right now in the worlds of fashion and furniture. The colourful mix of ornamental nomad rugs and draperies, black and white cushions with zigzag patterns, oriental accessories and tropical houseplants awakens feelings of wanderlust.

Scheurich combines this theme with one of the classics among the blooming houseplants: the orchid. The extra tall Ethno plant containers are skillfully made and this combines well with the daintiness of the exotic flowers. The colours Alaska, Glass Grey, Glass Violet and Glass Pear were chosen to mesh with all sorts of orchids, be it white, yellow, purple, pink, striped or spotted.

The pattern on the Ethno containers is meant to play with light and shadow and enhance the decorative value. The glass-like shimmering underlines this effect. The shape of the Ethno is also fitted to the needs of orchids, superfluous water can drain off, and the flower is protected from dammed-up water.

The Ethno plant container is 17 cm high and will cost under five Euro.

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