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EFSA: Garden Retail Trends for 2015

A newly designed lifestyle magazin for the new trends of the coming seasons, a concept store at the spoga+gafa 2014 to show “the garden centre of the future” and the launch of a new website: The European Floral and Lifestyle Product Suppliers Association EFSA shows what’s going to be important in the next garden year. 

Concept Store 3.0

For their third concept store at spoga+gafa, EFSA chose the theme “Changing the City”. Urban gardening and farming are growing areas with enormous unused potential for suppliers and retail. Visitors can look forward to the following subthemes of the concept store.

  •  Tribal – Avantgarde and rich with atmospheric and ethnic decorations.
  • Nautic – All about water features in the garden and on the balcony.
  • Level – Solutions for outdoor experiences on the balcony.
  • Tom Boy – Playful, social solutions
  • Secret – Endless possibilities of a ‘secret’ inside garden. 

The store has been developed and realised with TPK Media Partners and Vinnce Ponnet of Viretail. According to EFSA, a tempting combination of product ranges, scent, light and signage allow the retailer to respond to the subconscious of consumers and lure them into specific parts of the shop.

New Format for Publishing Trends 

EFSA is going to present the next colour and style trends for the spring/summer season 2015 in form of a fun and exciting lifestyle magazine. Besides the trends, there will be expert interviews and opinions, news and EFSA’s event agenda. For 2015 they have made out five different garden themes:

  •  Vitamin Vibe – Pure, fresh and clean with contemporary design
  • Poetic Project – Summer in the city with industrial spirit and vintage influence. Urban gardening and farming are key elements
  •  Super Shore – a hippy-chic spirit full of fresh aquatic shades of blues and greens
  • Flash Fusion – modern arts meet ethnic references in a high summer atmosphere, a homage to the sixties
  • Eternal Earth – a dry, almost desert like environment, raw and pure

The trends are based on the Colour and Style Forecast from Nelly Rodi Paris, an international leader in trend forecasting.

The magazine will be available at the EFSA Area and in the Concept Store in hall 10.1 of the spoga+gafa 2014.

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