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Eco design: a new hotel for the Eden Project

Eden Project Hotel by Tate Harmer Architects
© Tate Harmer Architects/AVR London

Tate Harmer Architects will create a new hotel for the Eden Project in Cornwall. The eye-catching architecture has been carefully designed to maintain all existing mature landscape features on the site.

Tate Harmer Architects have worked with the Eden Project to create a new hotel proposal. The new building will be the centrepiece of a series of landscape and building interventions around the edge of the main visitor site to facilitate Eden’s education and outreach work. The hotel will offer additional onsite accommodation for visitors, as well as classrooms to support educational programmes.

Eye-catching in its look, the Eden Project hotel has been designed to blend into the countryside. Local stone cladding will be used at the lower level of the buildings, and locally-sourced timber poles are designed to set the main accommodation blocks into the surrounding. Existing features in the area, including old trees and stone walls, will be incorporated into the design of the grounds. The 109-bedroom hotel will feature classrooms to support educational programmes and should open in summer 2018. The hotel will be extremely sustainable, constructed from an on-site manufactured timber modular system to create a very low-energy building.


Eden Project in Cornwall © Eden Project

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