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ELCA: Europe-Wide Study Shows Satisfaction With Green Spaces

The European Landscape Contractors Association (ELCA) initiated together with Forsa a study in which over 5.000 Europeans in ten metropolises were asked about their use and satisfaction with the parks and green spaces in their cities. People in Berlin, Zurich, London, Prague, Vienna, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest and Copenhagen participated.

On average citizens were satisfied with the quantity of parks and green spaces. Amsterdam is on top of the list with 88 percent satisfaction and Paris on the bottom. In the French capital only 48 percent are satisfied with the supply of green spaces.

The study shows that the number of parks and green spaces is sufficient. But considerable deficits exist between the requirements of the population and the actual state of the green spaces. There is a discrepancy between the needs of the people for well maintained green spaces and their actual conditions. “Authorities with their urban planning have not taken the needs of the population into account. Urban green is not taken sufficiently into consideration in urban planning processes. Authorities do not recognize the chances and potential of urban green spaces for achieving a more ecological, social and economical and sustainable development.”  ELCA President Emanuel Mony explained.

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