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DIY-Industry Ready to Meet New Environmental EU-Regulations

A new EU-wide environmental law concerning illegally harvested timber and timber products will be enforced from March 3rd, 2013. The German trade association for DIY, building and gardening products, BHB, presented a compliance-tool which will help meeting the new regulations by tracing the trade chains of timber products.

The new regulation says that every timber merchant within the EU has to declare where he got his timber from and whom he sold it to. If someone brings timber or timber products onto the market he is obliged to keep records of his suppliers and customers. These records are required to contain information about the traders, the country of origin, the suppliers and verification on compliance with national legislation. Based on this data a risk assessment has to be issued. If it is not possible to exclude the possibility that the timber may be harvested illegally it is prohibited to continue dealing with it.

BHB developed in cooperation with the IT-Company Global Traceability Solutions (GTS) the online compliance tool “RADIX Tree”. This program will document all required information in a database and create risk assessments. Andreas Back, speaker for the BHB and head of quality management and environment at the hardware store chain Hornbach said about this tool, that it is a “substantial improvement for the DIY-industry when complying with the new regulations.”

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