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cube4: A Garden Retreat for the 21st Century

The cube4 is a ready-made shed for the garden that can be used for multifunctional purposes.

In 2010 Dr. Dominikus Klawatsch and graduate engineer Nils Nohturfft started realizing their dream of the perfect retreat. They founded the eunido company in Wiesen, Austria and built their vision of a contemporary green house for the garden. At the end of 2013 their development was completed and the cube4 was born.

The cube4 gets delivered as a ready-made plug and play system, the buildup takes about 2-3 hours. Right now, three sizes are available: Small (7 m²), Medium (8,5 m²) and Large (10 m²). A 20 m² version with integrated bathroom and small kitchen is in development and will be available at the end of 2014.

The cube4 is equipped with everything you’d expect from a fully furnished house. It is connected with electricity and the internet, there is Wi-Fi, an infrared heating, interior lighting and many other gadgets. It can be used as a living room, a relaxation area or a garden office, where you can work in peace without leaving your family. It is also interesting for hotels, golf clubs or as party- or poolhouse. According to eunido, the construction is so solid, that it has the same life expectancy like a normal family house and can be handed down to the next generations.

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