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Corsica Bird Garden by Elho: A Flowery Birdhouse

Probably every garden owner who cares about his own green space loves to have lots of birds around his house. But sometimes it seems that the birds just don’t want to visit. Many people don’t know that you can arrange your garden so that birds feel invited.

One way would be to grow hedges where they find safe places to nest or berries for them to eat. But it is also very important to care for them throughout the year by providing them with bird seeds. The Dutch company elho developed a birdhouse combined with a plant container. The Corsica bird garden was developed together with bird specialists and gives small birds like house sparrows great titmouses and blue tits a spot where they can find shelter and food. At the same time you can use it to decorate your garden wall or patio with plants. The bird garden is double walled, ensures a good breeding climate and is easy to clean. Two colour combinations are available.

There are other clever ideas in elhos Corsica line: For example the Corsica vertical garden – a threefold flower pot that can be stacked on top of each other if you want more plants on less space. And the Corsica flower bridge is a innovative solution for decorating balcony railings and fences. It can be clipped onto the frameworks without an additional platform. The flower bridge pots come in several trendy colours which can be combined.

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