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Colours, Shapes and Experience: Soendgen’s Highlights for 2017

For next year, Soendgen is focusing on three new trend directions.

Colours are among the strongest expressions of trends because they are the first thing that catches the eye when it comes to decorative items. This is why Soendgen Keramik, ceramic manufacturer from Germany, decided to present the importance of colours in a special way. With the trend „Colour Hoeroes“, Soendgen wants to select shades and combinations that determine the current design directions in an eye-catching manner.

Another trend, which Soendgen has identified, is deformation. With „Dynamic Shapes“ they are experimenting with new and surprising forms. And the products of the „Duo Experience“ trend  are meant to stimulate the visual and tactile senses with two-tone designs and unusual surface mixes.

„Colour Heroes“: Teal Meets Yellow and Copper

For 2016/2017, Soendgen recognized teal, yellow and copper as the dominant color impulses. Teal defines this trend with intensity, power and self-assuredness. According to the ceramic manufacturer, colour is currently trending towards green nuances. Warm highlights are given by sunny yellow tones. Both colors are represented by the Soendgen series “Basel”. The result is a more optimistic, younger and more modern look that combines harmoniously with bright colors and woods. As an eye-catcher, copper is staged in the form of the new Metallic series of Soendgen, “Alberta”, “Latina” and “Larisa”. The warm-toned, reddish precious metal works as elegant accent in the interior.

“Dynamic Shapes” Trend: Deformation Possible Thanks to Innovative Technology

Whether in furniture, lighting or accessories: Playing with deformation can be seen everywhere. The usual symmetry is modified, with corners and edges being interpreted with creative new ways. The results can surprise and arouse curiosity. “Dynamic Shapes” follows this new design trend, which is characterized by geometric shapes and patterns. Soendgen performs the deformation of the ceramic cachepot by means of a special manufacturing process. In the newcomers “Madeira” and “Madeira Orchid”, wavy lines display the floral contour; meanwhile, with its triangular shape the product launch of “Malmö” mimics the outlines of leaves. The association of flowers and leaves is also emphasized by the color design: The range includes shades of early blooming plants and orchids as well as the tone-on-tone color matches on smooth and structured surfaces. With lucky clover or succulents and flowering plants such as chrysanthemums, orchids, hyacinth or narcissus, a harmonious overall impression is created.

“Duo Experience” Trend: Sensorial Interplay of Colors and Surfaces

The aim of Soendgen’s „Duo Experience“ trend is to give the viewer a special visual and tactile experience. Rocky rough, matte sanded or mock wood grain structures are combined with smooth, glossy ones. The new series “Alberta Fashion” and “Malmö” showcase this style with a certain restraint in order to place the beauty of the plant in the foreground. Natural colors in gray, cream and green predominate. Succulents and cacti suit this trend, which is reflected in the naturally purist industrial loft or vintage style.

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