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Cocoon Tree: Spend the Night in Nature

Have you ever dreamed of waking up not only with the birds but directly in their habitat? The Cocoon Tree is a spherical cabin especially designed to allow a night’s sleep in the trees. It is made of high density aluminum tubes covered with a Ferrari high quality tarpaulin. The bed in it is 2,40 meters in diameter and can fit a small family with two adults and up to two children.

The cocoon tree can be put up nearly everywhere, the most spectacular way is certainly in the trees where it hangs from twelve strong ropes and is protected by a special trampoline net, but there are adaptable feet as well so it can be put on the ground. According to the manufacturer it is even possible to let it float on a platform on a lake.

The Cocoon Tree is produced by the Hong Kong based Long Sun Corporation and manufactured in Vietnam. It can be shipped all over the world and the manufacturers have an installation team ready if needed. Customers are not only private owners but also hotels, beach resorts, summer camps and national parks.

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