Cocoon 1: Outside in

A nearly invisible cover as a transparent ball provides a shelter of a very special kind: Cocoon 1 by the Swiss brand Micasa Lab. For all occasions and places you want to be in part of, however, somehow distant and protected.

The feeling of security and nestling down, a place to dream away and to be in the middle, even if outside. The transparent ball can be used outside in a landscape, a garden, hanging from a tree or even float on water. Electricity can also be provided with Cocoon 1: to chill, to relax, to sleep, to work … outside in.

“Having enough room – or space – is a very current subject. It is also a great challenge in our branch. The solution is to use existing resources cleverly. Cocoon 1 is a research project which examines how much space is really needed. It should help us in the future to develop products which tackle this problem with much cleverer ways and means than current concepts”, says Matthias Wunderlin, manager of Micasa.

The Micasa Lab was launched by Micasa in order to improve existing product ranges and to develop innovative furniture concepts for the future. In the Micasa Lab, designers and engineers work together on research projects in which Micasa tests new possibilities for its range and also innovations for future living requirements.

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